Does the application track me all the time?

No. We respect your privacy and have design the application to only track your bicycle’s movement when it is activated. The tracking ceases when you finish your journey.

What kind of businesses will be placed on my bicycle?

Spoke Media is committed to being a holistic and responsible business. Our aim is to exclusively work with businesses that share the same dedication to community and environmental betterment. If you have a question, comment or concern about any of our clients, please contact us.

Does it cost anything to join?

Joining is free of charge. One of Spoke Media’s founding goals is to get more Melburnian’s riding. You will never pay any charge or fee unless the property lent to you by Spoke Media is damaged beyond reasonable wear and tear.

Do I need a mobile phone?  What kind of phone do I need?

Currently, we are prototyping our tracking system.  We are testing two systems.  One system is suitable for most GPS smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry and Android) and the other system is for people without GPS smartphones.  If you do not have a smartphone and you are interested in riding with Spoke, we can send you a device that allows you to track your movement.  If you have a smartphone, don’t have a smartphone or don’t know what a smartphone is and you are interested in joining Spoke, please register your interest or contact us for more details.

Does Spoke Media provide a bicycle?

No. Since there is a large variation in sizes and styles, we thought it would be best to give riders cash so they can put it towards whatever they wish.

What kind of bicycle can I use?

Any sort of road, commuter or mountain bicycle that uses a 700c, 26’’ wheel or a size very similar. If you have any questions about your bicycle’s suitability, contact us for a brief conversation or a quick email.