Why Spoke

  • Outdoor in-motion advertising is 250% more likely to be noticed when compared to stationary mediums.
  • Mobile advertising has a 97% message recall rate compared to only 19% retention for a static sign.
  • Nearly 30% of mobile outdoor viewers indicate they would base a buying decision on the ad they see.
  • Almost 50% of commuters use their commute as their path to purchase multiple times per week.
  • Of the heaviest commuters, 74% don’t watch TV news, and 27% of them do not read a newspaper.




There are no hidden fees or significant minimums required. Aside from campaign upstart costs, the fees are solely based on work that is performed. In addition, our fees are presented in a transparent manner and the information provided allows businesses to understand the work performed.




The dispersal of the message can be targeted to a specific area, or carried more broadly throughout the city depending on your business’ goals. The number of riders involved in a campaign as well as the duration of a campaign is customised for each business and their requirements.




Businesses are billed solely for riding that is performed and the costs are calculated based on several variables which are on a sliding scale that allows Cost per Thousand views or CPM to remain relatively constant so you maintain a high return on investment.

Sustainable Community Development.


The tracking data collected through campaigns is currently being shared anonymously with Bicycle Victoria and the Cycling Promotion Fund. This quantifiable data will provide new information to help advocacy groups lobby all levels of government for further development of bicycle infrastructure. In addition to carrying your advertising message, your business will also convey its support for community driven and responsible business initiatives as well as supporting a resilient and sustainable form of commuting.