Let there be wind.

Although it is the second spring I have spent in Melbourne, this is the first spring I have spent with a bicycle. Last spring I had just arrived and was busy scrambling around and debating with my partner whether it was pronounced “Swanton St.” or “Swanston St.” It had been over a year since we arrived, we had seen of the months before so we felt like seasoned veterans.

Spring seemed to take foothold overnight about 10 days ago. Although the weather had been sunny previously, it was still quite cool. One day, I woke up and it was 26 degrees and I can tell you, from a work perspective, I accomplished nothing that day. I did ride into the City from Brunswick which was fantastic; the sun was out, it was truly hot and the birds were singing.

As I was about to head back up to Brunswick, the wind picked up which seemed to be nothing new so I began my ride home. A few blocks up the road, I realized that I had slightly underestimated the strength of the wind. While I rode up Royal Parade, I had tears streaming down my face because of the sand and bugs. I will never be quite sure what I swallowed but in all likelihood, it was a bug. That ride usually takes me about 20 minutes but this first true day of spring took me 50% longer because of that wind.

That seemed to have been the long way of saying that we’re still quite new and have lots still to learn.

The Dilemma

Spoke Media was created to provide a truly resilient form of advertising that people were proud to represent on their bikes and in the streets. As we found during the trial, most of the participating riders were quite vocal about their support of a specific organisation or cause. Support from riders came from their aligned ethics and values with the causes forwarded by these organisations that riders were promoting. Keep reading »

Bike Advertising Guinea Pigs?

We have had many more riders than we could have ever anticipated sign up around Melbourne and that number is growing daily. If you signed up and were wondering how we determined which riders would be selected, hopefully this will give you a short summary. Keep reading »

Does bike advertising work?

We have entered an age where we find ourselves over-informed. In the eyes of marketers, consumers (formerly known as people) have begun to tune out in revolt. Marketers have reacted by thinking of new and clever ways to attract consumers’ short attention spans which has often led to gimmicks and fads. Keep reading »

Walk a Mile in my Shoes

The first job I ever had was in a men’s clothing shop around the corner from my parents’ house. The two gentlemen I worked under were in the twilight years of their careers as they had been selling men’s clothing for over 40 years. The fundamental principles of business I learned from them over the course of a summer remain steadfast. Keep reading »

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